Port jefferson GREEN FEST 2012

Green Fest 2012 * Federal Tax Credits for Homeowners

Green Fest 2012

ImageDid you know the most generous credits, for investments in alternative energy systems for houses, already extended through 2016 are likely to play key roles in homeowners’ housing choice in the coming years.

* Credits for renewable energy systems such as solar panels geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, small wind generators and fuel cells. The credits cover up top 30% of the cost of the systems, plus labor and installation expenses, with no set maximum on the size of the allowable credit.

* Credits for energy efficiency improvements to exsisting houses of up to 10% of the product’s cost, to a maximum of $500. The $500 limit applies to the aggregate ( total) of the expenditures made for theenergy efficiency improvements during the tax year.

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