Your Guide to Essential Oils in Port Jefferson….with a twist

Where to find your local essential oils in Port Jefferson?

Let’s start at Chandler’s Square Soap Box,Scented with a blend of essential oils, they work to unwind the body and promote calmness 18 Chandler SquarePort Jefferson, NY 11777 • (631) 509-1424

How about a day of pamper at Aveda Hair and Salon where Enhanced with a Pure-FumeTM aroma containing essential oils to uplift your .. Tucked away in Port Jefferson Village’s historic Trader’s Cove its indulgent yet tranquil atmosphere makes it a popular escape for its clientele. It’s a jewel worth seeking out….7 Trader’s Cove * Port Jefferson, NY 11777* (631) 331.6633

Maybe it’s about getting to know Aromatic Natural Solutions to Every Day Issues.   Oils are fragrant plant essences that not only trigger memory and emotion, but used properly can calm stress, ease anxiety, provide focus and clarity, and promote wellness. Essential oils provide natural ways to scent our environments, clean our homes and enhance our lives at Envision Crystal, 109 Arden Place, Port Jefferson.* (631) 331.3308

Here are just a few ideas~I invite you to join me in one of my favorite topics and here are a few of my favorite oils:

Mental Fatigue    try –Serenity, Lemongrass, Peppermint  usage – diffuse into the air and inhale or apply topical to temples and back of neck as needed or take internally in a capsule.

Muscle Stiffness   try- Eucalyptus, German Chamomile, Lemongrass  usage – massage into affected muscles

Neck Pain              try –Basil, Marjoram, Helichrysum  usage – massage onto neck several times daily.

If all else fails, a Greygoose Cosmo very cold!


  1. Earlean Rydel

    In aromatherapy headache relief, you can find only two methods involved. The aromatherapy by means of massage is the first type. The great balance and relaxation on the entire system will be the effect you’ll get, if the oils are applied on the body and absorbed by the skin. And also the inhalation process will be another technique in this kind of relief.

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