Falling in Love with Port Jefferson is easy…..

Contemplate the day!

Valentines around the corner and  Port Jefferson Harbor as our backdrop it’s no wonder Love is in the Air …

What a great way to start the day with a walk along the Pier at the Port Jefferson Harbor….Take in a Sunrise or a Sunset, or a sit down and contemplate the day…

Maybe it’s about sharing a moment with the one you love? I love to stop in at Danfords “Wave” and request a pairing , Bacon Wrapped Date with a Glass of Champagne? Yummy

Or if you have it in you and want to give the ice a whirl, get fitted with some skates at the Ice Skating Rink

You will always find something to do in Port Jefferson………..

When you decide to call Port Jefferson home, stop by and see me Maria Palmar for a preview of our Village Homes.

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