Oprah’s Life Class with Tony Robbins

 So I had a chance, a one in a lifetime chance , to try and win ticket’s to the show! Last month , as soon as the contest opened  I entered to win 2 ticket’s to see “Oprah “ at Radio City Music Hall and bring a friend.  To my amazement and surprise  I won!  and off I went last night to see her at last up close and personal with non other than Tony Robbins! Mr. Feel Good Guru himself.

It was  truly an amazing moment for me, I have always found her message uplifting and contagious especially at a time when there is so much chaos around.

She invited as a special guest “Anthony Robbins” . He shared his view on living fearlessly!  Here are a few topics he spoke on,

” If your story no longer works divorce it” also “The past does not equal the future, unless you live there”

I just want to say  THANK YOU! and if anyone out there is interested in seeking an amazing experience I invite you to check out the links above.

PS. Check out Super Soul Sunday on OWN

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