Forever Collection @ Danfords

Maria is my key to the door of Port Jeff , for she not only find me a beautiful and very good price store in Danfords, but also introduced me to many local friends. She even gave me a gift of membership of Port Jeff Chamber of Commerce. And today, I am even nominated as one of the directors of the Chamber of commerce! Without her help, I couldn’t imagine to melt into the local business community so quickly and effectively. Thank you, Maria, you are a perfect bridge of friendship between different cultures. It is my blessing and pleasure to do business with you .
If you want to know more about her service, you are welcome to call me by 929-258-8821, or come to my store to see how wonderful a store she can find for you.
—- Wei and Lajoya, owner of Forever Collection in Danfords
如果您想知道更多她的服务,您可以打我的电话:929-258-8821, 或是亲自来我店里来考察:她可以为你找到一家多棒的店!
—- 张菁,郭伟,丹佛酒店Forever Collection 店主

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